This full service package gives you all of the benefits of Fraternity Management. Fraternity Management provides comprehensive financial management of the operations of your chapter.
These services include accounts receivable management, general accounting services, and accounts payable management; and are divided into modules and described to the right. All services are ala carte, so we work together to choose the package that is best suited for your needs.

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  • Reconciliation of Chapter bank statements each month
  • Financial Statements prepared and delivered to the house each month (e.g. balance sheet, income statement, general ledger, cash receipts journals, cash disbursements journals)
  • Budget preparation each semester (during “dead week”) with select officers/alumni for the following semester
  • Budget revision after each new semester begins (after new pledges are accepted)



  • Member billing each semester prepared and mailed to home/permanent address prior to the start of each semester.
  • Pledge billing each semester prepared and mailed to home/permanent address within 10 days of receipt of new pledge information.
  • Letters included with all bills outlining payment terms and explaining any billing changes the fraternity has made (arrangements can also be made to also include a letter from the Chapter president with this mailing).
  • Appropriate debits and credits issued for changes in member status after the start of each semester (e.g. moved in-house, change from full meals to dinner only, etc.)
  • Weekly collection of member payments from the treasurer at the house
  • Record all deposits and deliver to the banking institution
  • Updated Accounts Receivable Reports delivered weekly to the house
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Reports delivered in person bi-weekly, and additionally via email by request
  • Statements prepared and mailed to all members; “friendly reminder” letters to parents of members with unpaid balances prepared and mailed to members’ home/permanent address; both will arrive before Thanksgiving and Spring Break.
  • Stronger reminder letters to parents of members with unpaid balances prepared and sent at the end of each semester.
  • Warning letters to delinquent members with significantly overdue balances prepared and sent by Certified Mail prior to sending the account to a collection agency
  • All materials prepared and delivered to appropriate agency regarding delinquent accounts turned over for collection
  • Postage for all mailing is at house’s expense.



  • Establish credit with vendors
  • Collection of vendor invoices and bills received at the house
  • Match all invoices to statements and reconcile any vendor billing errors
  • Prepare disbursement checks for Chapter operation obligations
  • Mail payments according to due dates, vendor terms, and availability of Chapter funds.
  • Meet with the Treasurer weekly to obtain his/her co-signature on all disbursement checks as needed and review all current cash disbursements.



  • Conduct employee evaluations each semester
  • Handle all payroll for employees
  • Prepare and deliver and/or direct deposit employee paychecks
  • Assist with interviewing, hiring, firing, for candidates for open positions in the house. For example house director, chef, cook, janitor, housekeeper, maintenance man.
  • Make sure all employees are working to their best capacity



  • Completion of monthly Sales Tax Reports
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual payroll reports including:
  • o 940, 941, UCT -6, UCT -7, coupons, deposits, W-2, W-3
  • Preparation of annual IRS 990
  • Preparation of annual state report if need be



  • Handle general property management functions.
  • Provide house with names of outside vendors that would provide best services for maintenance that is too big for house to handle.
  • Create a rapport with vendors
  • Establish credit with vendors who may not want to work with fraternities
  • Make suggestions as to aesthetic and structural repairs to house
  • Ensure that property is maintained in a fashion that will provide longevity



  • Conduct pre-fire inspection and make recommendation of items that need to be fixed prior to fire inspection
  • Conduct an actual fire inspection with UF’s Fire Marshall on a semester basis
  • Remind House Manger and House Director as to when reports need to be filed and the fire inspection date
  • Provide list of items prohibited in house